NoTE Flavors Now Offering Solid Menthol Crystals

Our new solid Menthol Crystals are just that. Unlike our other liquid-form products, these are actual solids that have tons of potential. Make magic! Follow the recipes and turn NoTE Flavor Menthol crystals into homemade vapor rubs, pain relief, air fresheners, sunburn aid and tons of other fantastic healthy and natural living ideas.
NoTE Flavors Solid Menthol Crystals are made with only one ingredient, real I-Menthol naturally grown and extracted from the Mentha Arvensis plant. Which makes them as trustworthy as our other products.

Menthol Crystals are available in 2,4, 8 oz sizes as well as 1lb.

And Now for Something Completely Different-

We wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks that we like to try with our products. One of our favorites is melting the menthol crystals in a wax warmer. We use about two tablespoons, and , just a tip to keep the menthol from getting all over the warmer, we place aluminum foil cupcake wrappers into the wax chamber before we put the crystals in. We have also experimented with our flavors and discovered that NoTE Flavors Orange Creamsicle smells amazing when drizzled into the melting crystals. In case you’re interested in trying it out, about 4 drops worth of the OC, or you can just experiment and adjust to your preference. When it starts to melt the scent is wonderful, (it is also way to kill dust mites!!), it almost smells Christmassy which is perfect because, and not to make you panic, there are currently only 17 weeks until Christmas. Speaking of which, it you’re a crafty do-it-yourselfer and enjoy the fine art of making your own gifts to give to your cherished loved ones, be sure to check out our Pinterest board (link below) for some awesome gift ideas. There are also tons of resources available online for using these crystals.

If you’re a crunchy mom you’ll LOVE the idea of using menthol crystals to create a completely safe, nontoxic vapor rub to help you congested babies.

Please check our Pinterest Board,

for some really amazing DIY recipes.. (the shower steamers are WONDERFUL).

Don’t forget to visit us regularly as we will continue to post recipes and ideas specifically targeted at the upcoming the baking season, and most of our flavors are food grade!!! Blueberry Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting, Anyone??

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