NoTE Flavors Liquid Strawberry and Blueberry Cotton Candy Are Here!

NoTE Flavors two newest introductions happen to be some of the tastiest formulations to hit our product line.  We are now offering Strawberry Cotton Candy as well as Blueberry Cotton Candy. 

As posted in our last blog entry we introduced some ideas for recipes that can be found on our Pinterest page.  We’ve been hard at work in the NoTe Flavors kitchen and have confected some amazing recipes that are perfect for our cotton candy variations. As an additional plus our liquids contain zero alcohol and are free of additives and chemicals to give you peace of mind when making tasty treats for your kiddos.  Icings, cupcakes, milkshakes, and even some yummy ice cream treats are a just a few of the deserts we’ve tried.  Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming recipe posts.  We will continue to work on some new and exciting deserts to bring you some ideas as we get ready to bring on the fall flavors for some comforting pumpkin, apple and other surprises.


Don’t forget to check us out at Pinterest  for some Cotton Candy recipes and ideas!

 Like our entire collection, this product is PG-Based and contains zero alcohols or additive chemicals. It is available in four sizes from 10-120mL.

Our flavorings are developed in response to customer requests so if you have any interest in flavors that coincide with the upcoming holiday baking season please feel free to reach out with your ideas. We also encourage our valued customers to post your very own recipes that have included our flavored liquids.  

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