NoTE Flavors Liquid Erythritol, The First Vape-Safe Liquid Sweetener

When you plan to mix up a batch of sweet E-Liquid, it’s often a choice between the usual suspects – Sucralose, Ethyl Maltol, or a mix between them. While these “legacy” sweeteners provide a wonderful taste that satisfies any E-Cig user’s sweet tooth, they often burn, damage, and destroy your coil and the cotton that delivers the flavor to begin with. Some are better then others – household table sugar, for example, is optimal if you plan to burn your cotton to a crisp, while Sucralose will shorten the life of your coil by a few weeks on average. However, in an industry renowned for innovation, a problem like this can only be left unsolved for so long. Enter Erythritol.

NoTE Flavors Liquid Erythritol is about as sweet as regular table sugar. It delivers a smooth but noticeable sweetness that vapers expect – bringing out the flavor in a variety of different E-Liquids. However, NoTE Liquid Erythritol has the unique capacity to remain stable in a liquid state at temperatures exceeding 600 degrees Fahrenheit, far above the capabilities of vaporizers, which often only heat liquids at few hundred degrees, and never anywhere near 350°, the flash point of PG. More or less, your E-Liquid would catch fire before NoTE Liquid Erythritol gunked up your coils. This unique property of Erythritol prevents the sweetener from caramelizing into your cotton or internal parts, a common side effect of typical sweeteners not intended for vaping. I know what you’re probably thinking – something this wonderful must’ve been grown in a lab – but we didn’t mix up a bunch of nasty artificial ingredients to make this happen. There’s no diacetyl, carcinogens, dangerous chemicals, or anything else you should be worried about, because Erythritol is all-natural. It’s offered only in 100% Vegetable Glycerin – free of alcohol, water, dissolving agents, or everything else that you’d rather not vape.

Check out the official description, from

  • Erythritol is a natural sweetener that delivers a smooth, sweet experience described as similar to sugar. Unlike sugar, Liquid Erythritol does not damage your equipment or destroy cotton due to it’s tolerance for extremely high temperatures. Our Erythritol is added at a 6% solution in VG, the highest ratio possible in glycerin. Our sweetener is non-GMO and Gluten-Free and contains no artificial flavors or chemicals. Liquid Erythritol is developed by NoTE Flavors, a US-Based company renowned for it’s smooth and flavorful Liquid Menthol concentrate enjoyed by thousands of customers across the country.

NoTE Flavors Liquid Erythritol is available everywhere starting today, including our website,, and all NoTE Flavors third party distributors.

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