NoTE Flavors Limited Batch Vanilla and Candy Pebbles

I’m super excited about the upcoming fall season…although that always seems to happen to me this time of year.  But, this year I’m extra excited because NoTE Flavors is adding some really awesome flavors to our lineup. Keep a look out because they’ll be here before you know it!! However, before we throw out some fall yumminess, we thought we might mix it up a bit and toss an exciting new..totally exclusive (because the recipe is our own) flavor. Actually we have two new flavors to offer. Candy Pebbles..(hey, does that sound a bit familiar and can you guess what it’ll taste like??), And, NoTE Flavor’s very own, homemade vanilla.  Although the Candy Pebbles may become a main staple, the Vanilla will only be here with us for a limited time because we are releasing it as a small batch so definitely grab it while you can. The vanilla will be launching on Monday, October 8th, however the Candy pebbles are available now.

The Candy Pebbles are great in a lot of recipes but the vanilla, being a main staple in almost any recipe,  can be used in so much more. NoTE Kitchen’s has been experimenting and we’ve tried the Candy Pebbles in icing, ice cream, whipped cream, and my personal favorite..Pitaya bowls!!.   The recipes we’ve been posting and talking about are sugary and delicious but for those of us (myself included) who like to graze on the crunchy, healthy, vegan-ie stuff..NoTE Kitchens has come up with some health  conscious but still super delicious, (without sacrificing any of the flavor), recipes… Please check out our Facebook page for some pics of the confections we’ve been dabbling with. You can also check us out on Pinterest for some recipes that we carry the flavors for, or that can be modified with a variety of the other flavors that we offer.

We have posted a recipe below for an awesome pitaya bowl.  You can also make it without the pitaya powder but it won’t have a pink color, and you can also experiment with the amount of sweetener you use.  This is how we prefer ours.

The SUPER important thing to remember is that ALL of our flavors are concentrated. They are strong. So when you use them in any of your recipes, start small. Try one or two drops and mix well. You can then adjust to your liking. Adding too much of the flavoring will definitely ruin the taste so please experiment first before you commit to a set amount. I prefer using roughly two drops per cup of yogurt. 

Candy Pebbles Pitaya Bowl

1 cup plain 0% fat Greek yogurt

2 drops NoTE Flavors vanilla

3 drops NoTE Flavors Candy Pebbles

1-2 TBSP  (this part is so important) of sweetener of your choosing. I prefer raw wildflower honey.  I’ve found that the flavor is completely complimented with the added flavors.

1 tbsp pitaya powder

2 tbsp whole flax seeds

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp hulled hemp seeds (shell on if you like the extra crunch and the added benefits of the hemp hull.. an excellent source of minerals but more importantly, a rare source of insoluble fibre)

Mix first 5 ingredients thoroughly until all pitaya is well blended and yogurt has turned a deep purple. Add remaining ingredients and stir well.

This next step is where you get creative by decorating the top of your bowl. Pinterest has tons of ideas. You can add some live pansies or violet flowers,  sprinkle more flax or other seed or even some granola.  

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