NoTE Flavors Introduces Reformulated Liquid Erythritol, The Strongest Liquid Erythritol On The Market

When we launched NoTE Flavors Liquid Erythritol this fall, we saw ourselves as a pioneer in the development of alternative options to typical E-Liquid sweetening solutions such as Sucralose. Erythritol presented itself as safe-to-vape, extremely healthy, and, best of all, easily vaporized sweetener that would eliminate common problems caused by sweeteners such as the development of coil gunk and, eventually, atomizer damage. However, we were not satisfied with the sweetening power of a 6% Erythritol mixture and began researching ways to improve the sweetening power of our liquid Erythritol solution.

The result of months of research and development is our new NoTE Flavors Liquid Erythritol sweetener. Unlike our previous formulation, our new product contains up to 12% Erythritol while still incorporating ingredients that are overwhelmingly recognized as safe for inhalation. Just like our previous formulation, NoTE Liquid Erythritol is still PG and Alcohol free, and is based primarily in Vegetable Glycerin.

The new NoTE Flavors Erythritol is now available on, Amazon, and eBay. We’re excited to continue improving our existing product line while simultaneously developing new flavors for our customers to enjoy – and NoTE Flavors Erythritol is just the beginning.

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