NoTE Flavors Introduces Liquid Sucralose Concentrated Sweetener

During the past three months, we’ve placed a heavy emphasis on the development of sweetening products that can quickly and efficiently sweeten E-Liquids while providing an equally enjoyable experience in foods and beverages. The latest addition to our product line, NoTE Flavors Liquid Sucralose, completes our trio of sweeteners, each designed to serve a different market within the vaping and food industries.

100x Sweeter Than Sugar: NoTE Flavors Liquid Sucralose is our strongest sweetener ever. It offers extreme sweetness when added to liquid as low as 1%, and is about 100% sweeter than sugar. NoTE Flavors Liquid Sucralose offers a much purer, flavorless sweetness, as opposed to our other sweetener offerings – Ethyl Maltol and Erythritol.

Liquid Sucralose 10mL

An Affordable Sweetening Option: Unlike NoTE Flavors Erythritol and NoTE Ethyl Maltol, our liquid Sucralose product starts at a much lower price point due to the much lower cost of ingredients. Our limited-time introductory price points are listed below.

  • 10mL: 5.49
  • 30mL: 7.49
  • 60mL: 9.99
  • 120mL: 12.79

NoTE Flavors Liquid Sucralose is currently available on, Amazon, and eBay. We anticipate offering our liquid Sucralose product via Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping in the coming weeks, however it is available today on Amazon with a 3-5 day estimated delivery window.

2 thoughts on “NoTE Flavors Introduces Liquid Sucralose Concentrated Sweetener”

  1. Hey kevin,
    Does the Erythritol only come in the combo pack? Or can it be sold separately ? Also do you have any nutritional information on the fruit flavorings?

    1. Hello,

      The Erythritol is in the process of being discontinued, it’s going to be removed from the combo pack soon as well. At a serving of 1 gram (about 1/10th of a 10mL bottle), our flavors contain zero calories, 2-4g carbohydrate (depending on the specific flavor), 0g cholesterol, sodium, and fiber. No sugars or added sugars. We do not sweeten the flavors in any way, instead we sell a variety of sweeteners (such as Sucralose) that can be added if desired. We’re currently in the process of getting the nutrition facts listed on the website, the images are currently available only for our sweetener products.

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