NoTE Flavors Introduces Liquid Ethyl Maltol (EM)

NoTE Flavors, the company behind NoTE Liquid Erythritol, a natural alternative to sweeteners such as Sucralose, has announced NoTE Flavors Liquid Ethyl Maltol (10%), our newest addition to the DIY E-Liquid Sweetener line. Unlike Erythritol, which is a weak, but natural and clean-burning sweetener about as sweet as sugar, Ethyl Maltol is a much stronger sweetener that delivers an intense sweetening sensation in E-Liquid. NoTE Flavors Ethyl Maltol is concentrated at 10% in PG, while Erythritol is delivered primarily in VG. Ethyl Maltol allows us to offer a sweetener for customers who prefer PG-based E-Liquids, which deliver a stronger throat hit and a deeper flavor profile. However, Erythritol remains a great option intended for customers seeking a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners or those who would like to vape low, or zero-PG E-Liquid due to an allergy or for other reasons.

Flavor Profile

Ethyl Maltol is a unique sweetener when compared to others on the market. EM not only sweetens liquids, but also helps soften hasher notes found in other flavors (such as strong tobacco notes). At concentrations of 10% and above in E-Liquid, Ethyl Maltol delivers an almost cotton candy like experience, but may begin to mute other flavors at such a high concentration. While certainly burning cleaner then most sweeteners on the market, Ethyl Maltol can cause mild coil degradation, although it is an extremely common additive in commercial E-Liquid, so mixes utilizing EM should not be harsher then commercial E-Liquid on coils.


We are proud to announce that NoTE Flavors Ethyl Maltol is available on, Amazon, eBay, and other websites immediately. NoTE Flavors EM is offered in 10mL, 30ml, 60mL, and 120mL plastic bottles and is also available for wholesale and bulk order immediately. If you do not see NoTE EM in your bulk or wholesale portal at this time, please contact us at

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