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Back in early January, we announced an ambitious plan to redesign from the ground up with new features for our customers, enhanced payment security to protect against emerging threats, and additional payment options – including credit card and Bitcoin – designed to offer our customers options to pay with a payment method other then PayPal. Today, we are proud to announce the completion of the new, and offer an overview of the many new features that launched when we brought the new platform live late Saturday night.

A New, More Secure Shopping Cart: While we have always utilized industry-standard secure payment processing, we’ve reengineered our servers to transmit less sensitive customer information such as your shipping address, E-Mail address, and your ordered items through our secure, PCI-Compliant payment channel. We now accept Credit/Debit Cards and Bitcoin directly through Quick Checkout and the Shopping Cart – PayPal is now a secondary payment option and no longer used as our primary method of processing credit cards.

Up to 50% Faster Load Times: Most pages now load in under 1.5 seconds, including product pages and Search.

Better Product Search and Discovery: We’ve implemented comprehensive product search features to help you find what you’re looking for using a keyword. We’ve also implemented product groups – which we are using to group together different sizes of the same product and reduce clutter on the website.

New Product Review System: Our enhanced product review system makes it even easier to browse and leave reviews, and contributes to our much-improved product page load times.

Enhanced Order Tracking and Notifications: We now send multiple E-Mails when your order status changes. We’ll automatically send a message once you place an order, once it ships, and if it was cancelled or refunded for any reason. With our new tracking system, you can check the status of an order at any time. Check it out at


Thank you for your understanding throughout this process and we apologize for any inconvenience that occurred during our payment processing outage and changeover late Saturday evening.

NoTE Flavors Development Team

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