A New Year, A New Website – Improvements & Scheduled Downtime

Over the coming weeks, NoTE Flavors will be updating our online product sales platform, NoTEFlavors.com, to incorporate the latest technologies to improve the user experience, provide additional payment options, and expedite fulfillment of orders through applications that will improve speed and efficiency. During this time, the website will remain online with zero downtime. However, we will be intermittently disabling purchases and payments to accommodate the rollout of our new payment system which will be more secure, PCI Compliant, and efficient. This payment system will support payments via new and innovative technologies such as Bitcoin as well as revamping our credit card processing and post-sale customer experience through dynamic E-Mail updates when the shipment status changes. These changes are necessary to support our growing business and allow for higher traffic capacity. If you attempt to place an order during a period of downtime, you will not be able to proceed to the checkout or enter your credit card number and/or PayPal account details. However, we’re still open for business – our Amazon.com and eBay fulfillment will be up and running normally throughout this process. If you are unable to place an order on noteflavors.com, please visit our alternative channels.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. All systems will be fully operational no later then 1/14/18.
Kevin N. Smith,
Owner, NoTE Flavors

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